2011 Holiday Party

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The Walters Art Museum was the host of our 2011 holiday party.

(left to right) Erik Stuauss, MD, Vineet Jassal, MD, Chase Smith, MD and guest, Jing Tao, MD, Aaron Lange, MD
(left to right) Corina Yu, MD, Stephanie Esposita, MD, MS, Kiarash Paydar, MD, Doug Martz, MD
Sushi anyone? 
Isis delRio, MD and husband Armando Alegret, M.D, enjoy music provided by DJ Keith Terry (background)
(left to right) Andrew Malinow, MD, Denise Malinow, Elaine Trogdon, MD, Doug Martz, MD, Julie Utz
Line dancing 
Department staff and guests enjoy the holiday party
Peter Rock, MD, MBA, mingling with staff and guests