2010 Martin Helrich Lecture

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Martin Helrich Lecture was held in University of Maryland School of Medicine's Davidge Hall

Jawad Hasnain, MD, Martin Helrich, MD, Ed Villamater, MD, SH Chiu, MD
(left to right) Jawad Hasnain, MD, Martin Helrich, MD, SH Chiu, MD
Joshua Sappenfield, MD, Henna Tirmizi, MD, Virginia Murphy, MB, B. Ch, BAO enjoy Davidge Hall’s history
Andrew Malinow, MD and Alina Grigore, MD
(center) Virgina Murphy, MB, BCh, BAO and (right) Colin Mackenzie, MB, ChB
(left to right) Doug Martz, MD, Alina Grigore, MD, Martin Helrich, MD, Gary Fiskum, MD, Alan Faden, MD
Robert Noorani, MD, Yvette Fouche-Weber, MD, Arash Khoie, MD, Eric Sheppard, MD
(center) Ed Villamater, MD, 2010 Helrich Lecturer, Spencer S. Liu, MD
Host, Chair, Peter Rock, MD, MBA
Introductions by Andrew Malinow, MD
Spencer S. Liu, MD presents his lecture "Regional Analgesia and Effects On Postoperative Outcomes"