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Draft Offer Letter Sample

(Last updated, May 2014)

You may expand upon this sample language, as needed, but please include the basic, boilerplate language as indicated in each letter.


John Doe, Degree
University Drive
Baltimore, MD 21201

Dear Doctor Doe:

On behalf of my colleagues in the Department of [insert full department name], and the [insert Center/Program/Institute... (if applicable)], I am pleased to extend to you an offer of employment upon approval of the Dean of the University of Maryland School of Medicine and the President of the University of Maryland, Baltimore. Your initial appointment will be submitted to the School of Medicine at the level of [insert academic rank, tenure status] in the Department of [insert full department name]. [If rank and tenure status are Associate Professor or above and on the tenure track or with tenure, include the following sentence:] However, it is important that you understand that rank and tenure status are not guaranteed and require approval by the School’s Appointment, Promotion and Tenure Review Committee, its governing body, the dean and the President.

Your start date will be on or about___________. [If anticipated start date is expected to occur prior to the approval of the offered title and tenure status AND offered rank is Assistant Professor or higher, include the following clause:] If the review process is not complete by that time, you will be granted an interim visiting faculty appointment in order to initiate compensation and until the review process for your final rank and tenure status is complete. [For clinical faculty requiring hospital privileges include the following:] Approval of your faculty appointment and hospital privileges depends upon the timely submission of requested paperwork. Delays in submission of requested paperwork may result in a postponement of your initial start date.

[Include a detailed EXPECTATIONS PARAGRAPH here, including expectations for research, teaching, clinical service and institutional service as applicable; if offer is for the tenure track or tenure, expectations should include research, teaching and service as well as expectations for funding.]   

[If offer includes placement on the tenure track, include the following three paragraphs:] Your responsibilities will ilnclude collaborating with scientists in the conduct of research projects, initiating and conducting your own research, teaching, and providing professional service to the School, Campus and scientific communities.  I anticipate that as a faculty member, you will be publishing your research findings at regular intervals; and will continue to take part in national meetings and national discussions of key issues in your area of expertise.  We will expect you to be invoved in our teaching program; [INCLUDE DETAILS HERE, e.g., including teaching of graduate and medical students, residents, and post-doctoral fellows]. We will also look forward to having your participation in department conferences and journal club; and on appropriate departmental committees.

While initially your salary will be supported primarily through departmental funds, it is anticipated that over time your salary will be supported through your own grant and contract-funded projects commensurate with your effort on those projects.  At the University of Maryland School of Medicine, it is expected that a specific minimum percentage of salary be generated through you own specific projects after the first three (3) years of appointment. This expectation increases with rank.  Specifically, as an assistant professor, three years after your initial faculty appointment, it is expected that you generate at least 50% of your salary through your own grant support.

It is important that you be aware as a(n) ________ (Assistant Professor, Associate Professor, Professor) on the tenure track, you will be placed on a ___ (nine (9), four (4)) year clock to be considered for tenure (UMSOM Policy and Procedures for Faculty Appointment, Promotion, and Tenure, Secion V.E.). Faculty can only be on the tenure track once and tenure must be awarded from the tenure track (II-1.00(A)-UMB Policy on Appointment, Rank, and Tenure of Faculty, Section VII.E.; UMSOM Policy and Procedures for Faculty Appointment, Promotion, and Tenure, Section III.A.5.). 

[Insert the following if position is clinician-educator at the Assistant Professor level:] For promotion, it is expected that faculty will actively engage in scholarly pursuits as demonstrated by accomplishments such as clinical research, publishing findings in highly regarded peer-reviewed journals and obtaining grant funding.  

[If offer includes placement on the tenure track, indicate name of the chair for the new faculty member’s mentoring committee as follows:] Professor ________ has agreed to serve as chair of your mentoring committee, which will be fully designed and implemented to foster your career development including achieving tenure.  

[Licensure statement, if applicable] Please be advised that the requirement of Maryland licensure, including the necessity of timely renewal of expiring licenses, is a condition of employment, and employment cannot occur until such license is obtained. It is your responsibility to notify me immediately upon any non-renewal, suspension or termination of your licensure. If you fail to maintain a required license you will be suspended from patient or client activities. Furthermore, failure to hold and maintain a required license is grounds for termination of employment. To the extent permitted by University policies, compensation will be suspended or reduced if you are unable to perform employment responsibilities as a result of a lack of appropriate licensure or conditions placed upon your license by a licensing body. 

[MSP Clinical Committment Language, if applicable] You should be aware that per the University of Maryland School of Medicine Medical Service Plan ("MSP"), as a full-time faculty member of the School of Medicine, all collections generated from direct patient care and other clinical services you render are the property of the department's clinical arm, i.e., ___________ Associates, P.A. (the "PA").  This means that you will be credentialed through the PA, and the PA will bill and collect on your behalf.  In addition, all agreements with outside entities for your direct patient care and other clinical services must be with the PA.  You should consult with me (or "....your division head....", or....) for any questions. 
 [Non-compete language IF a separate FPI agreement with restrictive convenant to be signed, if applicable] As a condition of employment, you will be required to agree to the Department's/[insert department's practice plan name] standard restrictive convenants, which will be included in your employment agreement with [insert department's practice plan name]. Per the restrictive covenant, [continue with non-compete language provided in next paragraph]...    

[Non-compete language, if applicable] During the term of your employment and for a period of eighteen (18) months following the termination of your employment for any reason, you will be restricted from:(i) practicing medicine in the specialty of ___________  in any capacity, with or without compensation or remuneration, within a  [See Practice Plan Non-Compete Policy for the Recruitment and Retention of the School of Medicine Faculty for Minimum Radii] mile radius of the University of Maryland Medical Center or any clinical practice location where you spent at least twenty percent (20%) of your clinical work time (i.e., at least an average of one 8 hr. session per week) for the department's clinical arm, University of Maryland ___________ , P.A. (the "Practice") within the two (2) years immediately preceding the termination of your employment; (ii) solicit any of the Practice's patients to provide ___________ services; or (iii) solicit/employ any individual who was employed by the Practice, department, University of Maryland Faculty Physicians, Inc. and/or University of Maryland Medical System Corporation during the two (2) years immediately preceding the termination of your employment.  Your approval of this letter and your subsequent commencement with us constitute your acceptance of this restriction. 

If the terms and conditions of this letter are acceptable, the necessary steps will be taken to secure administrative approvals for your appointment. Your formal offer of appointment will come through an appointment letter issued by the Dean's Office of the University of Maryland School of Medicine and it will be subject to the terms and conditions stated therein and in this letter. I will request that you be appointed as a 12 month faculty member, at an annual total approved salary of $______. Of this amount, your initial salary will be derived from [insert general statements about sources of funds]. [If any of the funding will be coming from your department's practice plan funds that have not yet been generated, the following two sentences should be added:] As is the case for all faculty/physicians in the School of Medicine who are paid by department practice plan funds, this salary component is contingent upon funds being available within the department's practice to support faculty salaries after all costs of practice and institutional assessments are paid. As long as the department's practice, as a whole, remains financially sound, then the risk to any individual practitioner is minimized.

The University offers a comprehensive benefit package. Should you accept this offer, you will be contacted with a choice of available dates for you to complete Human Resource Services (HRS) Onboarding.  Onboarding sessions are available every other Monday, and you must attend one of these sessions prior to or on your first day of employment.  You will receive an invitation letter from the campus HRS about a week prior to the agreed upon date.  During the session you will learn about important aspects of your employment and you will complete paperwork which is critical for payroll, retirement, health benefits and campus ID badge.  In the meantime, the UMB HRS website provides detailed information about benefits at

Feel free to contact me if you have any questions.  If you accept this offer based on the terms and conditions outlined above, please sign below and return a copy to me by [insert date]. Following your acceptance, I will process the necessary paperwork for final approval by the School of Medicine and University.
On behalf of the faculty and staff, we look forward to your joining the Department and pursuing our common educational and professional goals.

Department Chair

[co-signed by Center/Institute/Program Director as applicable]  

cc: E. Albert Reece, M.D., Ph.D., M.B.A.
     [Add others as necessary]    



Accepted: _______________________________________________________                        Date:___________
                   [type candidate's full name and degree below the signature line]