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About Us/Staff Contacts

The Office of Academic Administration’s mission is to protect the institution from liability and to provide the Dean and the APT Committee with better, more complete documentation. Specifically the OAA’s goal is to provide department APT Contacts with a definitive place to determine exactly what documentation is required to put together the perfect faculty and fellow action request packets. As a result, the OAA will be able to provide timely and accurate processing of academic actions.

The Office of Academic Administration is engaged primarily in the following activities:  

  • Processing and maintaining records for the recruitment, appointment, promotion and awarding of tenure for all faculty.
  • Processing and maintaining records for the appointment of all fellows.
  • Maintaining records for the appointments of all senior staff (Department Administrators & non-faculty Associate & Assistant Deans).
  • Implementing and at least ensuring compliance to all System, Campus and School policies that relate to faculty or fellows.
  • Serving as an information source for the Dean’s Office, departmental staff and outside agencies, providing demographic and approved salary reporting of all faculty related rank and tenure status.
  • Maintaining the AAMC Faculty Roster System.

Contact Us

University of Maryland School of Medicine
Dean’s Office
655 West Baltimore Street, Rm. 14-008
Baltimore, Maryland 21201-1559
410-706-6897 (fax)


David Ingle, M.B.A.
Assistant Dean, Academic Administration and Human Resources 
Fax: 410-706-6897

Debra Hudson
Fax: 410-706-6897

Lisa Carter
Administrative Analyst 
Fax: 410-706-6897

Cindy Garnett
Academic Program Specialist 
Fax: 410-706-6897