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Translational Genomics Laboratory

Contact Information

Richard Zhao
7-036 Bressler Research Bldg.
655 West Baltimore St., Baltimore, MD 21201

Linda Jeng 
Linda Jeng, MD, PhD, FACMG,
Medical Geneticist

Nicholas Ambulos, Jr., PhD 
Nicholas Ambulos, PhD,
Technical Supervisor

Danielle Sewell,

Compliance Manager  

Hours:     Monday through Friday
7:30am – 5:30pm
Main Entrance:   Bressler 7-036
Phone:   (410) 706-3339
Fax:   (410) 706-0287

The Translational Genomics Laboratory (TGL) was launched in May, 2011. The TGL is a CLIA (Clinical Laboratory Improvement Amendments)-compliant laboratory, capable of providing support to clinical and translational genomic studies (CLIA #21D2027356). The services offered by the TGL are similar to those offered in traditional academic genomic core labs, except that these assays are validated such that the resulting data can be used in the clinical decision-making process, supporting both clinical research/trials and for routine patient care.

Instrumentation housed in the TGL includes an Applied Biosystems 3730XL automated sequencer for Sanger-based sequencing assays; an Affymetrix GeneChip system 3000 7G on which the TGL can run chip-based arrays for expression profiling, whole-genome genotyping, miRNA profiling, CytoScan arrays and drug metabolism (DMET) arrays; Illumina iScan system for genotyping products including whole-genome genotyping and exome arrays; Nanosphere’s FDA cleared Verigene pharmacogenomics test for specific genotyping of cyp2C19 variants; an Applied Biosystems 7900 RT-PCR system for genotyping by Taqman©-based methods; and two Ion Torrent Personal Genome Machines that supports analysis using Ion Torrent’s Hot Spot Cancer Panel, Comprehensive Cancer Panel and Inherited Disease Panel, all of which are based on multiplex PCR amplification of target genes and variants. Custom AmpliSeq panels can also be designed to target specific gene variants of interest.

Please contact the TGL to discuss specific needs, as each assay is custom developed to meet the desired needs of the investigator.