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NSC & EMS Publications (2007-2013)

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Eldin WS, Hirshon JM, Smith GS, Kamal AM, Abou-El-Fetouh A, El-Setouhy M. Health-related quality of life after serious occupational injury in Egyptian workers: A cross sectional study. BMJ Open (in press).

Silberholz J, Anderson D, Golden B, Harrington, M, Hirshon JM. The impact of the residency teaching model on the efficiency of the emergency department at an academic center. Socio-Economic Planning Sciences (in press).

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Stein DM, Jessie EM, Crane S, Kufera JA, Timmons T, Rodriguez CJ, Menaker J, Scalea TM.  Hyperacute adrenal insufficiency (HAI) after hemorrhagic shock exists and is associated with poor outcomes.  J Trauma Acute Care Surg. 2013 Feb; 74(2):363-370. 

Sheth KN, Stein DM, Aarabi B, Hu P, Kufera JA, Scalea TM, Hanley DF.  Intracranial pressure dose and outcome in traumatic brain injury.   Neurocrit Care. 2013 Feb; 18(1):26-32.  Epub 2012 Oct 09.

Ryb GE, Dischinger PC, Cooper C, Kufera JA.  Does helicopter transport improve outcomes independently of EMS time?  J Trauma Acute Care Surg. 2013 Jan; 74(1):149-156. 


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Aarabi B, Simard JM, Kufera JA, Alexander M, Zacherl K, Mirvis S, Shanmuganathan K, Schwartzbauer G, Maulucci CM, Slavin J, Ali, K, Massetti J, Eisenberg H.  Intramedullary lesion expansion on MRI in patients with motor complete cervical spinal cord injury.  J Neurosurgery Spine. 2012 Sep; 17:243-250.  Epub 2012 Jul 13.

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Rabinowitz R, Kufera JA, Makley M.  A hidden reservoir of methicillin resistant staphylococcus aureus and vancomycin resistant enterococcus in newly admitted patients to an acute rehabilitation hospital.  PM&R. 2012 Jan; 4(1):18-22.


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