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MCTSA - Program Services: Maryland Traffic Records Coordinating Committee (TRCC)

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Maryland Traffic Records Strategic Plan 

The Maryland Traffic Records Coordinating Committee’s, referred to here forward as the TRCC, vision of zero fatalities on Maryland’s roadways, with an interim goal to reduce motor vehicle-related fatalities by 50% by 2030, is shared by the Maryland Motor Vehicle Administration, Maryland Highway Safety Office (MVA/MHSO). 

The mission of the TRCC is to coordinate all traffic records system components (crash, roadway, citation/adjudication, driver, vehicle, injury surveillance) using data quality performance measures (timeliness, completeness, accuracy, accessibility, integration, uniformity) in an effort to advance the Maryland traffic safety community.

The purpose of the TRCC is to continually review and assess the status of Maryland’s Traffic Safety Information System and its components.  It is responsible for:

  • overseeing the development and update of a strategic plan that serves the public and private sector needs for traffic safety information, 
  • learning about technologies and other advancements necessary to improve the traffic safety information system,
  • promoting, supporting and assisting in the coordination and implementation of needed or desired system improvements and,
  • providing a forum for the exchange of information regarding safety data among the traffic safety community.

Maryland’s TRCC redrafted their charter and signed it at the Maryland Traffic Records Forum held May 29, 2014. The revised charter outlines Maryland’s TRCC infrastructure.

The Maryland TRCC is comprised of three sub-groups who are responsible for the overarching administration of the Traffic Records Strategic Plan.  The three sub-groups include the following: Executive Council, Technical Council, and Sub-Committees.


Executive Council Meeting Notes

Technical Council Meeting Notes

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