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MCTSA - Current Grant-Related Initiatives

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Project Title: Maryland Center for Traffic Safety Analysis
Sponsor: Maryland Highway Safety Office
Under this project, MCTSA conducts research and evaluation studies in all priority program areas identified by the Maryland Highway Safety Office (MHSO), including traffic records. MCTSA assists MHSO in problem identification and program evaluation, including the preparation of the Highway Safety Plan and Annual Report. MCTSA also provides data services, analytical support, technical assistance, training and information services for state and local highway safety programs and customers.

Project Title: Crash Outcome Data Evaluation System
Sponsor: Maryland Highway Safety Office
Maryland’s Crash Outcome Data Evaluation System (CODES) was established in 1997 with funding from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) in an effort to improve highway safety through the use of linked motor vehicle crash data collected from police, emergency medical services (EMS), hospitals, and other sources.  Since its inception, Maryland CODES has grown to include the following supplemental datasets: trauma registry, medical examiner, driver license, vehicle registration, citation/adjudication, motorcycle safety training, and roadway.  Linked data continue to be used for a variety of projects, abstracts, and papers. The NSC routinely receives data requests for information from injury prevention professionals, local safety groups, traffic advocates, and state legislature. 

Project Title: Promising Practices
Sponsor: Maryland Motor Vehicle Administration
NSC has collaborated with the MVA on the Promising Practices project, funded by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA).  The project consists of motorcycle rider training, exposure in terms of years and miles driven data collection and analysis.  This information, along with driver and vehicle records, is utilized in for research and evaluation of motorcycle riders in Maryland.  This project has also led into an On-Road Observational Study that NSC, MVA and Cambridge Systematics are conducting with funding from NHTSA.

Project Title: Southern Maryland DriveCam
Sponsor: Maryland Highway Safety Office
In 2008, three counties in southern Maryland, Calvert, Charles and St. Mary’s Counties, collaborated with NSC to conduct the Southern Maryland DriveCam study with funding from MHSO.  This was a randomized controlled trial to evaluate the effectiveness of parental feedback on the risky behavior of teen drivers.  Over 200 teens were enrolled, randomized into three groups with different time periods of direct camera feedback or no-feedback to the parents/guardians.  DriveCam is an in-vehicle technology that captures short videos of the interior and exterior of the vehicle when it is involved in “an event”. 

Project Title: Maryland Strategic Prevention Framework
Collaborator: University of Maryland School of Pharmacy and State Alcohol and Drug Abuse  Administration.
The Strategic Prevention Framework (SPF) uses a five-step process known to promote youth development, reduce risk-taking behaviors, build assets and resilience, and prevent problem behaviors across the life span.   Built on a community-based risk and protective factors approach to prevention and a series of guiding principles that can be utilized at the federal, State/tribal and community levels, the SPF goal is to use the findings from public health research along with evidence-based prevention programs to build capacity within States/Tribes/Territories and the prevention field. This in turn will promote resilience and decrease risk factors in individuals, families, and communities.  The MCTSA will provide on-going support to this initiative by establishing appropriate baseline measures of evaluation, developing standardized factsheets for comparison purposes and use at the state and local levels, and to assist in answering questions regarding data trends.

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