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Veterinary Resources

Program in Comparative Medicine website: 

Class Instruction

Workshops on Humane Handling and Use of Laboratory Animals are available through Veterinary Resources. These workshops are organized and taught by a veterinarian on staff. They are wet labs designed to familiarize participants with common techniques used in rodents and rabbits by actual hands-on experience. Announcements are sent via e-mail from Veterinary Resources to all Principal Investigators and the workshops are free of charge. If interested, please contact Veterinary Resources at 410-706-3540 for further information.

Individual Instruction

Should anyone require training for any species or specific procedure, Veterinary Resources will arrange for individual instruction at their earliest convenience. Please contact Veterinary Resources at 410-706-3540 for further information or to request training.

Handbook – Guidelines for Studies with Animals on Campus

The Handbook is written for investigators as a "how to" manual and covers virtually all aspects of animal use on campus. Specific instructional materials are also included which cover animal handling, use of analgesics, anesthetics, tranquilizers, blood collection, drug administration, and methods of euthanasia. Guidelines for Aseptic Surgery in Rodents, Standard Immunization Procedures, Information on Alternatives and the Occupational Health program are also provided in this handbook. This information is available on the Veterinary Resources Website. Alternatively, a copy of this manual may be obtained by contacting Veterinary Resources at 410-706-3540.

Personal Protective Equipment Training

Please contact Veterinary Resources at 410-706-3540 for further information.

Learning Resources

Veterinary Resources maintains a videotape library consisting of more than 60 videos, offering information on a variety of subjects in laboratory animal medicine methodology and other issues. These are freely available for any individual to use. Veterinary Resources also maintains a substantial veterinary library of current texts, periodicals, and reference literature. In addition, a number of current texts, anatomic atlases and CD-ROM’s covering species used in the BVAMC facility are available for investigator use.