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Lead Institution

The University of Maryland School of Medicine Center for Vaccine Development


The Center for Vaccine Development has earned an international reputation for genetically engineering and testing vaccines against cholera, typhoid and malaria. Based at the University of Maryland School of Medicine, The Center for Vaccine Development was established in the mid-1970's as one of the first facilities to evaluate vaccines in community volunteers. It is the only university vaccine center in the world engaged in the full range of vaccinology-from basic science through vaccine development, clinical evaluation and field studies.

The Center's comprehensive mission involves scientists and physicians in all phases of vaccine development and testing:

  • Quantifying the relative importance of various pathogens through epidemiologic studies.
  • Identifying virulence properties through fundamental studies of molecular pathogenesis and applying techniques of modern biotechnology (e.g., genetic engineering, peptide synthesis) to construct vaccine candidates.
  • Assessing the suitability of candidate vaccines in clinical studies.
  • Measuring human immune responses to vaccines.
  • Evaluating the efficacy of candidate vaccines in large-scale field trials under conditions of natural challenge.
  • Advising governments and international agencies on how to implement new vaccines.

The Center for Vaccine Development of the University of Maryland School of Medicine (CVD) has worked in developing countries for more than three decades, in partnership with health authorities, academic institutions and international agencies. CVD has field units in Mali (CVD-Mali), Chile (CVD-Chile) and Malawi (CVD-Malawi).

The fully equipped CVD basic research laboratories occupy two entire floors in the U of MD Health Sciences Facilities I & II, contiguous state-of-the-art research buildings on the University of Maryland, Baltimore campus. This includes 34 laboratories and support rooms, faculty offices and administrative space, and space for clinical research activities.

CVD laboratories are fully equipped for molecular biology and bacteriology, including the safe handling of vaccines and bacteria. Included within the CVD are BSL 2 laboratories that are fully certified to work with the agents proposed.

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