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Zhiyong  Guo

Zhiyong Guo M.D., Ph.D.

Academic Title: Assistant Professor
Primary Appointment: Pharmacology
Location: HSF-I 520
Phone: 410-706-4536

Personal History:

Shanxi Medical University, China: M.D. - 1994

Heinrich-Heine University, Germany: Ph.D. - 2002

Univ. of Maryland School of Medicine, Baltimore: Postdoc - 2003-2007

Research Interests:

Androgen and Androgen Receptor Signaling


Selected Publications

  1. Z. Guo, W. P. M. Benten, J. Kruecken, F. Wunderlich: Nongenomic testosterone calcium signaling: genotropic actions in androgen receptor-free macrophages. J. Biol. Chem. 2002, 277(33):29600-29607
  2. Z. Guo, J. Kruecken, W. P. M. Benten, F. Wunderlich: Estradiol-induced nongenomic calcium signaling regulates genotropic signaling in macrophages. J. Biol. Chem. 2002, 277 (9): 7044-7050
  3. P. Benten, Z. Guo, J. Kruecken, F. Wunderlich: Rapid effects of androgens in macrophages. Steroids 2004 Aug; 69(8-9):585-590
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  5. L. Macedo, Z. Guo, S. L. Tilghman, G. J. Sabnis, Y. Qiu, Angela Brodie: Role of Androgens on MCF-7 Breast Cancer Cell Growth and on the Inhibitory Effect of Letrozole. Cancer Res. 2006, August 66, 7775-7782
  6. Z. Guo, B. Dai, T. Jiang, K. Xu, Y. Xie, O. Kim, I. Nesheiwat, X. Kong, J. Melamed, V. D. Handratta, V. C.O. Njar, A. M. H. Brodie, L-R. Yu, T. D. Veenstra, H. Chen and Y. Qiu: Regulation of the Androgen Receptor Activity by Tyrosine Phosphorylation. Cancer Cell, 2006 (10)309-319 (discovered for the first time that androgen receptor can be tyrosine phosphorylated and the levels of androgen receptor tyrosine phosphorylation is correlated with prostate cancer progression)
  7. S. Nair, Z. Guo, J. M. Mueller, S. Koochekapour, Y. Qiu, R. R. Tekmal, R. Schüle, H-J. Kung, R.Kumar, and Ratna K. Vadlamudi1. PELP1/MNAR enhances androgen receptor functions through LIM-only coactivator FHL2. Mol. Endocrinology 2007 Mar. 21(3):613-24
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  10. X Yang, Z. Guo, F Sun, W Li, A Alfano, H Shimelis, M Chen, AMH Brodie, H Chen, Z. Xiao, T. D Veenstra, Y. Qiu. Novel Membrane-associated Androgen Receptor Splice Variant Potentiates Proliferative and Survival Responses in Prostate Cancer Cells (2011). J. Bio. Chem. 286 (41), 36152-36160
  11. Z. Guo, and Y. Qiu. (2011). "A new trick of an old molecule: androgen receptor splice variants taking the stage?!" Int J Biol Sci 7(6): 815-822