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Svetlana P. Chapoval

Svetlana P. Chapoval M.D., Ph.D.

Academic Title: Adjunct Assistant Professor
Primary Appointment: Microbiology and Immunology
Location: UMB BioPark 1, 301
Phone: 410-706-8919
Fax: 410-706-8121
Lab: 410-706-8991

Personal History:

M.D., 1978-1985, Medicine & Biophysics, Russian State Medical University, Moscow

Ph.D., 1990-1994, Epidemiology & Immunology, Gamaleya Research Institute of Epidemiology and Microbiology, Russian Academy of Medical Sciences, Moscow

Postdoctoral Fellowship, 1996-2002, Mayo Clinic, Department of Immunology

Research Interests:

Svetlana Chapoval, MD, PhD, is Assistant Professor in the Department of Microbiology & Immunology, and the Center for Vascular and Inflammatory Diseases, and a member of Program in Oncology, Greenebaum Cancer Center. Dr. Chapovala's research focuses on the role of immune semaphorins, Sema4A and Sema4D, in the pathogenesis of allergic airway inflammation. The overall goal of her laboratory is to define the mechanism of immune semaphorin function in the lung and further manipulate Sema4-receptor interaction and signaling in order to develop novel therapies for asthma and other lung inflammatory diseases including cancer.

Lab Techniques and Equipment:

Animal models of experimental asthma, transgenic and knockout mice, genotyping, ELISA, PCR, RT-qPCR, multicolor flow cytometry and cell sorting, IHC, TUNEL, EMSA, cell proliferation and inhibition of proliferation assays, cytokine CBA, ELISPOT, AHR measurements, bone marrow transfer,Western blot, Immunoblot, small molecule inhibitors, lung morphometry, DC migration assays, in vitro Th1 and Th2 cell polarization


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