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Miguel A Schön

Miguel A Schön Ph.D.

Academic Title: Instructor (adjunct Faculty I I)
Primary Appointment: Anatomy and Neurobiology
Location: HSF-II, S251
Phone: (410) 662-0473

Personal History:

  • Ph.D., Johns Hopkins University (JHU) (1966)
  • Inst., Assist., & Assoc. Prof. of Anatomy, JHU School of Medicine (1966-1980)
  • Prof. of Anatomy, UPRMS, San Juan, Puerto Rico (1980-97)
  • Dir. Dept. Anatomy, UPRMS (1980-91)
  • Ind. Contractor for Teaching Anatomy, USUHS (1977)
  • PT Adj. Prof. of Anatomy, GWUSM (1977- present)
  • PT Assist. Prof. of Art as Applied to Medicine (1988- present), and Cell and Molecular Medicine Program (2000- ), JHUSM
  • PT Inst. of Anatomy, UMMS (1998-present )
  • PT Inst., UMSD (2007-present)

Research Interests:

Functional Anatomy of the Human Organ Body Systems. Particular interests in the Speech Apparatus, and the Peripheral Nervous System.

Lab Techniques and Equipment:

Dissections. Dissection instruments and measuring calipers. Paper and pencils for recording and illustrating findings. Word Processor for writing results and conclusions.


Schoen Ybarra, MA., Bauer, B. Medial portion of m. temporalis and its potential involvement in facial pain, Clinical Anatomy 14:25-30 (2001)

Probst, K., Schoen Ybarra, MA., Kashima, H,, Crosby RW. Topography and interactions of the arytenoid and cricoid articular facets: Implications for vocal process positional shifts. Clinical Anatomy 17:206-213 (2004).

Schoen Ybarra, MA., Gutman, RE., Rini, D., Hann, VI. Etiology of post-uterosacral susoension. Int Urogynecol J 20:1067-1072 (2009)