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Aldo T. Iacono

Aldo T. Iacono M.D.

Academic Title: Professor
Primary Appointment: Medicine
Additional Title(s): Hamish S. and Christine C. Osborne Professor in Advanced Pulmonary Care
Location: 29 S. Greene Street, 430B
Phone: 410-328-2864

Personal History:

Dr. Iacono joined the University of Maryland faculty from University of Pittsburgh School of Medicine where he served as Medical Director of Lung Transplantation. Dr. Iacono has established a national reputation as an outstanding transplant pulmonologist and a translational investigator focusing on novel anti-rejection therapy. He has been a leader in developing aerosolized antirejection therapy to reduce the incidence of chronic lung transplant rejection and minimize systemic side effects of antirejection medications.

Research Interests:

  • Complications of lung transplantiation
  • Markers of lung transplant rejection
  • Novel anti-rejection therapies
  • Aerosolized anti-rejection therapy for lung transplant patients

Patents, Inventions, Copyrights:

US patent application, November 11,1999: A32130-072396.0162 by Iacono “Uses of aerosol cyclosporine for prevention and treatment of pulmonary disease” 

Medical Nebulizer dose concentrator filed by Drs. Iacono and Corcoran.  December 1, 2000.


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