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Didier A. Depireux

Didier A. Depireux Ph.D.

Academic Title: Associate Professor
Primary Appointment: University of Maryland College Park
Secondary Appointments: Otorhinolaryngology-Head & Neck Surgery
Location: HSF I, 225C
Phone: (410) 706-1273
Fax: (410) 706-2512
Lab: (410) 706-1272

Personal History:

Dr Depireux obtained his PhD in Theoretical Physics from the University of Maryland with Dr Jim Gates. During his post-doctoral training, he developed interest in computational neuroscience, which was further developed at the Institute for Systems Research in College Park. Since joining the School of Medicine, he has done research on the representation of speech in the auditory midbrain and cortex, as well as the changes in the auditory pathway correlated with the induction of tinnitus by noise trauma or blast wave injury.

Research Interests:

My main interest is to understand both how our ears can cope with interfering noise (say, in a noisy restaurant or in a car) during conversations, and how too much noise can permanently affect our perception of sounds (particularly after the appearance of tinnitus as a result of noise). The main motivation is to find remedies and cures for hearing and especially tinnitus, developing an animal model of tinnitus which will then be used for a drug screen.

Clinical Speciality:

I have frequent and ongoing interactions with members of the ENT department, some of whom work in my lab on aging-related hearing loss (presbycusis)

Lab Techniques and Equipment:

Recordings from awake behaving rats, ferrets and mice, using chronic mioveable electrode arrays, auditory brainstem response, startle reflex, modeling, immunocytochemistry.


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Depireux DA, Simon JZ and Shamma SA, Measuring the dynamics of neural responses in primary auditory cortex, Comments in Theoretical Biology 5(2) (1998) 89--118.

Kowalski N, Depireux DA and Shamma SA. Analysis of dynamic spectra in ferret primary auditory cortex. I. Characteristics of single-unit responses to moving ripple spectra. J Neurophysiol. 1996 Nov;76(5):3503-23.

Kowalski N, Depireux DA and Shamma SA. Analysis of dynamic spectra in ferret primary auditory cortex. II. Prediction of unit responses to arbitrary dynamic spectra. J Neurophysiol. 1996 Nov;76(5):3524-34.

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