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Kirsten E. Lyke

Kirsten E. Lyke M.D.

Academic Title: Associate Professor
Primary Appointment: Medicine
Location: HSF I, Room 480
Phone: (410) 706-7376
Lab: HSF 1, Room 473

Personal History:

Dr. Lyke is a clinical translational investigator with recognized expertise in malaria, tropical diseases, and parasite immunology. She completed her residency work at Duke University followed by an Infectious Diseases Fellowship at The Johns Hopkins School of Medicine. She is board certified in Infectious Diseases and maintains an HIV clinic in addition to attending on the hospital wards as an Infectious Diseases Attending. In addition to field work in Mali, West Africa, she has rebuilt the malaria challenge capabilities at UMB. This capacity has led to novel vaccine work including leading the first-in-humans challenge trial of a whole-organism Pf sporozoite malaria vaccine and the first-in-humans aseptic malaria challenge. She has planned and led studies aimed at developing parenterally-administered malaria challenges and continue to advance the whole organism, Pf sporozoite malaria vaccine approach.

In addition to clinical vaccine and challenge studies, Dr. Lyke is the Head of the Immunoparasitology Unit and studies the human immune response to parasites. She plans and participates in field, clinical and immunologic studies of Plasmodium falciparum and helminths. Immunologic studies involve the investigation of different components of the human immune response, including immunomodulation via T and B regulatory cells, cell multifunctionality, T and B cell memory, mechanisms of lymphocyte activation, cytotoxic T cell activity and lymphoid cell populations involved in the generation of protective immune responses. In collaboration with colleagues at the University of Bamako in Mali, Dr. Lyke has aided in the development of a field research site in the Dogon country of Mali. This field station has been the site of studies of drug resistance and pathogenesis of severe malaria, and has completed several malaria vaccine trials.

Research Interests:

  • Malaria Vaccine Development
  • Parasite Immunology
  • Co-parasite Infection

Clinical Speciality:

  • Infectious Diseases
  • Geographic Medicine


Selected Publications:

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Lyke KE
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