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Robert L. Rogers

Robert L. Rogers M.D., FACEP, FAAEM, FACP

Academic Title: Associate Professor
Primary Appointment: Emergency Medicine
Secondary Appointments: Medicine
Additional Title(s): Director of Undergraduate Medical Education for the Department of Medicine
Location: 110 S. Paca Suite 200
Phone: (410) 328-8025
Fax: (410) 328-8028

Personal History:

Dr. Rogers graduated from Maryland's five-year Emergency Medicine/Internal Medicine residency in 2002. He served as Chief Resident in Emergency Medicine during his last year of training and later served as Chief Resident in Medicine from 2002-2003. He then joined the Emergency Medicine faculty in 2003. Dr. Rogers is currently the Director of Undergraduate Medical Education for Emergency Medicine and runs the 4th year elective in Emergency Medicine. He is the Emergency Medicine liaison for the Pathophysiology and Therapeutics course (P&T). He is very involved in medical student and resident education.

Dr. Rogers lives in Ellicott City with his wife of 14 years, Tricia (a nurse), and his two children, Harrison (7), and Gabriella (3).

Dr. Rogers is the lead editor for a book that is to be published in 2009. The title is "Practical Teaching in Emergency Medicine."

Research Interests:

  • Vascular Emergencies
  • Acute Aortic Disorders
  • Hypertension and Hypertensive Emergencies
  • Venous Thromboembolic Disease 
  • Teaching Medical Students

Clinical Speciality:

Board Certified in Emergency Medicine and Internal Medicine


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Letters and Other Correspondence

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