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Sylvain  DeLisle

Sylvain DeLisle M.D.C.M.

Academic Title: Adjunct Associate Professor
Primary Appointment: Medicine
Additional Title(s): Associate Chief of Staff for performance improvement, Baltimore VA Medical Center
Location: Baltimore VA Medical Center, Room 5D-138
Phone: (410) 605-6449
Fax: (410) 605-7914

Personal History:

Dr. DeLisle uses systematic process-of-care analysis and medical informatics to deploy scientific evidence to the point-of-care. He is interested in measuring how informatics tools can improve patient safety and health outcomes. In particular, he leads a team that designs novel software tools that introduce decision support at the time of medication-order entry. Health and economic outcomes of these tools are measured through the development and the query of large clinical, laboratory and administrative databases. Dr. DeLisle is the Principal Investigator of a research program that use those same databases for the purpose of bioterrorism surveillance. Dr. DeLisle is a member of the VA Medical Advisory Panel, a group of 11 physicians that directly help manage the VA National Formulary.


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