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Marcela F. Pasetti

Marcela F. Pasetti Ph.D.

Academic Title: Professor
Primary Appointment: Pediatrics
Secondary Appointments: Microbiology and Immunology
Location: HSF1 480
Phone: (410) 706-5328
Fax: (410) 706-6205

Research Interests:

Dr. Pasetti's research focuses in the evaluation and characterization of vaccine-induced immune responses early in life, particularly the mechanisms by which immune responses are generated in young infants and the pediatric population. 
Her group studies different vaccine strategies, antigen delivery systems and immunization schedules in different animal models including neonatal and adult mice and non-human primates.  Immunological studies are also conducted in vitro using cells from human newborns obtained from umbilical-cord. Vaccines being tested include attenuated Samonella and Shigella (as live vector vaccines), subunit vaccines, viral vaccines and DNA vaccines.  Dr. Pasetti’s group was involved in the development and testing of a new measles DNA vaccine to protect young infants despite the presence of maternal antibodies and the immaturity of their immune system.
Dr. Pasetti’s group is currently working in the development and evaluation of Salmonella-based biodefense vaccines using a heterlogous prime-boost immunization regimen.
Dr. Pasetti also serves as Chief of the Applied Immunology Section at CVD.  Her laboratory performs immunological assays (measurement of antibodies, antibody secreting cells, toxin and virus neutralizing antibodies, etc.) for human clinical studies conducted at the CVD and abroad. 


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