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Stephen  S Gottlieb

Stephen S Gottlieb M.D.

Academic Title: Professor
Primary Appointment: Medicine
Location: UMMC, Room S3B08
Phone: (410) 328-8788
Fax: (410) 328-1048

Research Interests:

Dr. Gottlieb’s investigations center on the physiology of congestive heart failure. This has included a particular interest in neurohormonal activation in CHF patients. Dr. Gottlieb was United States principal investigator for MERIT, an international beta blocker survival trial in heart failure patients. He was also co-chairman of the mortality committee of BEST, an NIH and VA sponsored study of a different beta blocker. In addition, with the support of the local AHA, he is looking at the mechanism by which beta blockers may be effective. Other neurohormonal interests include investigation of vasopressin antagonists, adenosine antagonists and endothelin antagonists.

Dr. Gottlieb is particularly interested in the interaction of heart failure and renal dysfunction, having studied the impact of various medications on renal function and the physiology of renal function in heart failure patients.  Similarly, he is investigating the best ways to treat fluid overload, a common problem in patients with heart failure. 
He is actively involved in investigation of left ventricular assist devices, investigational agents and home telemonitoring in heart failure patients. In addition, he is evaluating sleep abnormalities in heart failure patients, funded by a grant from NIH.


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