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Nancy R. Lowitt

Nancy R. Lowitt M.D., M.Ed.

Academic Title: Assistant Professor
Primary Appointment: Medicine
Secondary Appointments: Administration
Additional Title(s): Chief Conflict of Interest Officer
Location: Bressler Research Building, 14-015
Phone: (410) 706-3681
Phone: (410) 706-8734
Fax: (410) 706-3103

Personal History:

Dr. Nancy Lowitt is a primary-care general internist with fellowship training in general internal medicine/medical education. She also holds a master’s degree in education. Her clinical activity now includes teaching medical students and residents on inpatient medicine rotations.

Dr. Lowitt is a clinician educator with administrative responsibilities for curriculum and program compliance oversight in Graduate Medical Education, Continuing Medical Education and Faculty Development. A major professional focus in recent years has been to implement curricula and methods to recognize value and reward teaching scholarship at the University of Maryland School of Medicine. She developed a model for the Teaching Portfolio that is now used widely at the University of Maryland School of Medicine for promotion and tenure review, and which has been peer reviewed and disseminated nationally through the Association of American Medical Colleges. 

A second major professional focus has been to teach clinician educators to develop and publish curricula with a nationally recognized curriculum-development model. Dr. Lowitt helped develop and implement – and now leads – a comprehensive faculty development program for the School of Medicine, with curricula designed for faculty at all stages of their careers that aims to help them achieve success and promotion. Dr. Lowitt has also been active in providing expertise and mentorship to individual faculty and to grant-funded efforts in medical education.

Dr. Lowitt serves as co-chair of the Graduate Medical Education Committee, chair of a Conflict of Interest Advisory Committee, and as a member of many other committees, including the Academic Affairs Council, the Curriculum Coordinating Committee and as a non-voting member of the School of Medicine Executive Committee to the School of Medicine Council.

Research Interests:

Medical Education, Faculty Development, Curriculum Development, Evaluation of Educational Programs

Clinical Speciality:

Internal Medicine


Peer-Reviewed Journals

Keay TJ, Alexander C, McNally K, Crusse B, Eger R, Hawtin C, Lowitt, NR, Ross D. Adult Education in Palliative Care for Nursing Facility Physicians: Design and Pilot Test. J Palliative Med 1998;3:457-463. 

Kazin RA, Lowitt NR, Lowitt MH. Update in Dermatology. Ann Intern Med 2001 Jul 17;135(2):124-32

Lowitt NR, Assessment of an Integrated Curriculum in Radiology.  Academic Medicine, Sept 2002; 77(9):933

Invited Articles

Thomas PA, Lowitt NR. A Traumatic Experience. N Eng J Med 1995;333:307-10.

Thomas PA, Lowitt NR. Clinical Problem-Solving: Diagnosing Spousal Abuse. N Eng J Med 1995;333:1711.

Lowitt MH, Lowitt NR. Dermatology Update. Br Med J 1995;311:1615-7.

Lowitt NR. How Are We Doing? The Problem of In-Training Evaluation. J Gen Intern Med. 2000:15:605-6

Book Chapters

Lowitt NR, Becker D.  "Introduction to Medicine". In: DeAngelis, C. (ed.) Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine, Curriculum of the Twenty-First Century, Johns Hopkins University Press, 1999.