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Susan D. Wolfsthal

Susan D. Wolfsthal M.D.

Academic Title: Professor
Primary Appointment: Medicine
Administrative Title: Associate Chair
Additional Title(s): Celeste Lauve Woodward, MD, Professorship in Humanism and Ethical Medical Practice; Associate Chair for Education; Residency Program Director, Internal Medicine
Location: UMH, N3E09
Phone: (410) 328-2388

Personal History:

Dr. Wolfsthal’s main academic and administrative work is in the area of graduate medical education. She has led various education programs for over 20 years, and most recently has directed the residency program for the past 17 years.  Along with colleagues in Pediatrics, she has been the PI or co-PI on four HRSA grants to develop innovative programs in medical education, such as competency based curricula and evaluation for students and residents, modules in cultural sensitivity, evidence based medicine and managed care. Her current grant, along with Dr. Carol Carraccio in Pediatrics, focuses on faculty development and supports the research and educational endeavors of four faculty fellows. In addition to these academic pursuits, Dr. Wolfsthal is a major participant in the teaching program, including the resident’s daily conferences and supervision of residents and students on the inpatient services and continuity clinics. In her role as Associate Chair for Education, she is responsible for the clinical training of over 130 residents, including all administrative, curricular, mentoring, research and evaluation processes. She has oversight of 11 fellowship directors and their training programs, ensuring compliance with all RRC program requirements and adherence to high educational standards.

Clinical Speciality:

As a general internist, Dr. Wolfsthal practices internal medicine in the Faculty Practice Office and on the general medicine inpatient services on a regular basis.  Her interests in internal medicine are broad.


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