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Namita Kundu Ph.D.

Academic Title: Assistant Professor
Primary Appointment: Pathology
Location: Bressler Research Building, 10-038
Phone: (410) 706-3322
Lab: (410) 706-5938

Personal History:

B.Sc (Honors), Chemistry, Calcutta University, Calcutta, India

M.Sc , Biochemistry, Calcutta University, Calcutta, India

Ph.D. Biochemistry, Calcutta University, Calcutta, India

Research Interests:

Breast cancer: tumor biology and metastasis, tumor immunology, cytokines, chemokines, cyclooxygenase, prostaglandin receptors


Sun, H., Jackson, M.J., Kundu, N. and Fulton, A.M. Interleukin-10 gene transfer activates IFN- and the IFN--inducible genes gbp-1/mag-1 and mig-1 in mammary tumors. International J. Cancer 80, 624-629 (1999).

Sun, H., Gutierrez, P., Jackson, M.J., Kundu, N. and Fulton, A.M. Essential role of nitric oxide and interferon- for tumor immunotherapy with interleukin-10. J. Immunother. 23, 208-214 (2000).

Sun, H., Kundu, N., Dorsey, R., Jackson, M.J. and Fulton, A. M. Expression of the chemokines IP-10 and Mig in IL-10 transduced tumors. J. Immunother. 24, 138-143 (2001).

Kundu, N., Yang, Q., Dorsey, R. and Fulton, A.M. Increased cyclooxygenase-2 (cox-2) expression and activity in a murine model of metastatic breast cancer. Int J Cancer 93, 681-686 (2001).

Kundu, N. and Fulton, A.M. Selective cyclooxygenase COX-1 or COX-2 inhibitors control metastatic disease in a murine model of breast cancer. Can Res. 62(8), 2343-2346 (2002).

Dorsey, R., Kundu, N., Yang, Q., Tannenbaum, C.S., Sun, H., Hamilton, T.A. and Fulton, A.M. Immunotherapy with IL-10 depends on the CXC chemokines inducible protein-10 and monokine induced by IFN-gamma. Can Res. 62(9), 2606-2610 (2002).

Kundu, N., Smyth, M.J., Samsel, L. and Fulton, A.M. Cyclooxygenase inhibitors block cell growth, increase ceramide and inhibit cell cycle. Breast Cancer Research and Treatment 76, 57-64 (2002).

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Walser, T.C., Ma, X., Kundu, N., Dorsey, R., Goloubeva, O. and Fulton, A.M. Immune-mediated modulation of breast cancer growth and metastasis by the chemokine Mig (CXCL9) in a murine model: J. Immunother. 30, 490-498 (2007).