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David B. Glovinsky

David B. Glovinsky M.D.

Academic Title: Assistant Professor
Primary Appointment: Psychiatry
Location: 22 S. Greene St., P1H10
Phone: 410-328-6091
Fax: 410-328-1757

Personal History:

Dr.Glovinsky is Assistant Professor in the Division of Consultation-Liaison Psychiatry in the Department of Psychiatry at the School of Medicine. Dr. Glovinsky received his MD from the Michigan State University College of Human Medicine in 1979. Following completion of his medical training, Dr. Glovinsky completed residencies in Internal Medicine and in Psychiatry before completing a Medical Staff Fellowship at the National Institute of Mental Health. He became Board Certified in Internal Medicine in 1986 and Board Certified in Psychiatry in 1990, with special qualifications in Addiction Psychiatry (1997) and Psychosomatic Medicine (2005).

From 1994-1996 Dr. Glovinsky was Unit Director at the Walter P. Carter Center. He was the Medical Director of Adult HIV Mental Health Services at the University's Evelyn Jordan Center from 2000-2003. From 2004-2006 Dr. Glovinsky was the Medical Director at the Harambee Treatment Center. In 2010 Dr. Glovinsky was an Attending Psychiatrist on the 11W inpatient Adult Psychiatry Unit.

Since 2004 Dr. Glovinsky has directed one of the Inpatient Psychiatry Consultation Services, providing psychiatric consultation and evaluation to hospitalized patients of medical/surgical providers. This service includes responsibilities for the training of second year psychiatry residents and third year medical students. Dr. Glovinsky is the primary consultation-liaison psychiatrist for the R Adams Cowley Shock Trauma Center.

Research Interests:

Dr. Glovinsky is the primary psychiatrist for the Liver, Kidney, Heart, and Lung Transplant Services at the University of Maryland Medical Center. He has conducted over 400 pre-transplant evaluations in collaboration with the University of Maryland Medical Center medical/surgical transplant teams. This evaluation assesses pre- transplant risk, makes recommendations about mitigating pre- transplant risk, and provides the Transplant team with an estimate of overall psychiatric pre- transplant risk to the patient.

Dr. Glovinsky provides post-transplant consultations to transplant patients who are experiencing confusion, depression, and other post transplant difficulties. Dr. Glovinsky is interested in understanding factors that improve accuracy of prospective assessment of psychiatric-related transplant outcomes.

Clinical Specialty:

  • Consultation-Liaison Psychiatry (Psychosomatic Medicine)
  • Transplant Psychiatry
  • Trauma Psychiatry