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Dhan V. Kalvakolanu

Dhan V. Kalvakolanu Ph.D.

Academic Title: Professor
Primary Appointment: Microbiology and Immunology
Location: Howard Hall, 350
Phone: (410) 328-1396 (office)
Phone: (410) 328-1398 (lab)
Fax: (410) 706-6609

Personal History:

1979: BS (Biology & Chemistry), Osmania University, Hyderabad, India

1981: MS (Microbiology), Osmania University, Hyderabad, India

1988: Ph.D (Microbiology), Indian Institute of Science, Bangalore, India

Research Interests:

Regulation of gene transcription and signal transduction by cytokines. e.g. JAK-STAT singaling, MAPK-singaling C/EBP, AP1 and ATF singaling pathways.
Tumor cell growth control, Apoptosis and the regulation of novel Cell death-activating genes.

Lab Techniques and Equipment:

The PI has published several papers that employed all standard molecular biological techniques including gene isolation, transfection, mutational analysis, recombinant protein expression, generation of monoclonal antibodies, protein:protein interactions, cell growth and apoptosis, DNA binding assays such as in vivo foot printing, EMSA, ChIP assays, Nuclear run off transcription assays, RNAi, reconsitution of gene expression in mammalian cells following RNAI, lentiviral gene expression systems, Mass spectrometry, and knockout cell lines and kncokout mice. All oncogenic assays- such as matrigel and soft-agar growth assays, cell migration,tumor xenograft models etc.


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Proc. Natl.
Acad. Sci. USA

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Joshi, V.D., Kalvakolanu, D.V., Hebel, R.J., Hasday, J.D., and Cross, A.S. (2002) Caspase 1 is essential for host defense against gram-negative bacterial infections. Infection & Immunity. 70:6896-6903.