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Alexandre E. Medina de Jesus

Alexandre E. Medina de Jesus D.Sci.

Academic Title: Associate Professor
Primary Appointment: Pediatrics
Phone: (410) 706-8135

Research Interests:

My research is focused in elucidating how different types of external insults (such as early alcohol exposure) disrupt activity-dependent plasticity and how we can restore it.

Lab Techniques and Equipment:

To devise new ways to improve plasticity in models of neuro-developmental disorders my lab uses in vivo viral-mediated gene transfer and pharmacological manipulations. The effects of these types of interventions are measured at different levels: a) Molecular- Imunohistochemistry and Imunoblotting; b) Cellular: Single-Unit electrophysiology, Staining with Neuronal tracers c) Systemic: Optical imaging of intrinsic signals; Visual evoked potentials d) Behavioral: Morris water maze, Social play behavior analysis.

Grants & Contracts:

Supported by National Institutes of Health/NIAAA, R01AA013023


Selected Publications

Medina, A.E., Krahe, T.E., Coppola, D.M. & Ramoa, A.S. (2003) Neonatal Alcohol Exposure Induces Long-Lasting Impairment of Visual Cortical Plasticity in Ferrets. J Neurosci 23 (31): 10002-12.

Medina, A.E., Krahe, T.E. &. Ramoa, A.S. (2006) Restoration of Neuronal Plasticity by a phosphodiesterase Type 1 Inhibitor in a model of Fetal Alcohol Exposure. J. Neurosci., 26(3):1057-1060.

Krahe, T.E.; Wang, W. & Medina, A.E. (2009) Phosphodiesterase Inhibition increases CREB phosphorylation and restores Orientation Selectivity in a Model of Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorders. PLoS ONE 4:e6643.

Medina, A.E. (2010) Overexpression of serum response factor restores ocular dominance plasticity in a model of fetal alcohol spectrum disorders. J. Neurosci., 30(7):2513-20

Pohl-Guimaraes F, Krahe Te, Medina A.E. (2011) Early valproic acid exposure alters functional organization in the primary visual cortex. Exp Neurol. 228(1):138-48.

Medina, A.E. (2011) Therapeutic utility of phosphodiesterase type I inhibitors in neurological conditions. Front Neurosci. 18;5:21.

Medina, A.E. (2011) Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorders and Abnormal Neuronal Plasticity. Neuroscientist. 17(3):274-87.