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Peter  Kochunov

Peter Kochunov Ph.D., MS, MSEE, DABMP

Academic Title: Professor
Primary Appointment: Psychiatry
Location: MPRC-SG
Phone: 410-402-6110

Personal History:

I am a board-certified MRI physicist with two decades of experiences in development of novel data analysis protocols with emphasis on the quantitative, multimodal analyses of biological structure and function. My backgrounds in electrical engineering, software development and statistics together with many years of experience in development of novel neuroimaging analysis tools, make me an ideal candidate to lead the development team of SOLAR-Eclipse. I participated in development of four of the top 30 most downloaded neuroimaging tools as tracked by including SOLAR-Eclipse, Talairach deamon, BrainMap, Mango and BrainVisa Morphologist.

I am an active member of NIH-data format committee that was responsible for drafting the design and implementing API for NIFTI and GIFTI format. I am an active collaborator of the HCP and ENIGMA project, where I act as extramural collaborator and co-lead data analyses workgroups. In parallel I have co-leading roles in the research projects, where I use my experience in quantitative MRI to map disorder-related brain changes, study the impact of genetic variability on brain anatomy and function, study normal and neurodegenerative aging and map the impact of hypobaria-related injury on brain integrity. I have been developing algorithms for genetic imaging purposes for over 15 years.

One of the project, SOLAR-Eclipse, was selected as NIH-NIBIB showcase project and my role in it was acknowledged by NIBIB Edward Naggy New InvestigatorÂť award for advancing the field of imaging genetics in 2014.

Research Interests:

Imaging, genetic, genetic of psychiatric disorders, schizophrenia

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