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Branko Bojovic M.D.

Academic Title: Clinical Assistant Professor
Primary Appointment: Surgery
Location: STC, P1G01
Phone: (410) 328-3058
Fax: (410) 328-8862

Personal History:

Dr. Bojovic is an expert in adult and pediatric craniofacial surgery and microsurgery for congenital, oncologic and traumatic conditions. Among his specialties are adult microsurgical reconstruction of the head and neck following oncologic surgery, post-traumatic injury, and treatment of pediatric syndromic and non-syndromic craniofacial disorders, such as craniosynostosis and cleft lip and palate. His research focuses on composite tissue allotransplantation and tissue engineering, as well as clinical outcomes following surgery for cleft lip and palate surgery and facial trauma.

Research Interests:

* Clinical outcomes in facial trauma
* Clinical outcomes in cleft lip and palate surgery
* Clinical Outcomes of Facial Injury Clinical Outcomes of Facial Reconstruction
* Clinical Outcomes of Microvascular Reconstruction
* Regenerative & Tissue Engineering - Soft Tissue Regeneration
* Regenerative & Tissue Engineering - Skeletal Bone Regeneration
* Regenerative Composite Tissue Engineering
* Composite Tissue Allotransplantation

Clinical Speciality:

* Plastic Surgery
* Pediatric craniofacial disorders (syndromic and non-syndromic)
* Adult microsurgical reconstruction
* Facial Reanimation
* Orthognathic Jaw Surgery for Correction of Dentofacial Deformities
* Mohs Surgery
* Facial Injuries, Craniofacial Surgery
* Reconstruction After Cancer
* Cleft Lip
* Cleft Palate
* Microsurgery
* Craniosynostosis
* Craniofacial Surgery
* Craniofacial Reconstruction
* Microvascular Surgery
* Cosmetic Facial Surgery