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Christina I Christou
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Christina I Christou Ph.D.

Academic Title: Assistant Professor
Primary Appointment: Radiation Oncology
Location: CMRO
Phone: 443-546-1316
Fax: 443-546-1303

Personal History:

Dr. Christina Christou received her PhD from East Carolina University in Greenville, North Carolina. Dr. Christou completed her clinical medical physics residency at the University of Michigan. Dr. Christou joined the University of Maryland School of Medicine in 2011 as an Assistant Professor at the Department of Radiation Oncology.


American Board of Radiology, Certificate in Therapeutic Radiologic Physics

Research Interests:

Dr. Christou’s research interests include treatment planning systems, radiation measurements and beam data for algorithm implementation, portal dosimetry, QA and QA metrics, adaptive and novel treatment planning techniques, proton radiotherapy, and new technology implementation.

Clinical Speciality:

  • Therapy Medical Physics
  • Vendor Relationships


Book Chapters

Christou, C.I. (2004). Electron Emission from Condensed Targets by 2-MeV Proton Impact. PhD Dissertation, East Carolina University, Greenville, NC.

Christou, C.I. (1997). Projectile Electron Loss Cross Sections in Low-Energy (14-25 keV)  Collisions of He + Ions with Gas Targets. Master Thesis, East Carolina University, Greenville, NC.

Selected Recent Journal Articles

Christou, C.I., Shinpaugh, J.L., Justiniano, E.L.B., and Toburen , L.H. (2003). Electron Spectra from Proton Impact on Thin Layers of SF Frozen on a Copper Substrate. Proceedings of the 23rd Werner Brandt Conference. Alverez, I., Cabrera-Trujillo, R., Cisneros, C., Cruz, S.A., Rickards, J., and Soullard, J. eds., Playa del Carmen, Q. Roo, Mexico, 2003, pg. 139-143.

Toburen, L.H., Friedland, W., Dingfelder, M., OZturk, N., Christou, C.I., DuBois, R.D., Lapicki, G., Shinpaugh, J.L., Frexler, C.G., Justiniano, E.L.B. and Paretzke, H.G. (2003). Secondary Electron Production and Transport Induced by Fast Protons in Thin Foils.  In Applications of Accelerators in Research and Industry CAARI, Duggan, J.L., and Morgan, I.L., eds., American Institute of Physics Conference Proceedings Woodbury, NY. AIP 680: pg. 28-31.