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Teng C. Lee

Teng C. Lee M.D.

Academic Title: Assistant Professor
Primary Appointment: Surgery
Location: UMMC, N4W94
Phone: 410-328-5842
Fax: 410-328-2750

Personal History:

Medical School: Washington University, Saint Louis
Residency: Case Western Reserve University, General Surgery
Fellowship: Lunds Universitet, UMAS, Malmo, Sweden, Endovascular Surgery/Interventional Radiology
Residency: Duke University, Cardiothoracic Surgery
Fellowship: Duke University, Aortic, heart transplantation, and mechanical assist devices

Research Interests:

Development of new stent-graft technology

Clinical Speciality:

Adult cardiac surgery; Surgery of the thoracic aorta including aneurysms and dissections using open, hybrid, and endovascular approaches; minimally invasive cardiac surgery.


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