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Paul D. Light

Paul D. Light M.D.

Academic Title: Clinical Associate Professor
Primary Appointment: Medicine
Location: UMMC, Room N3W143B
Phone: (410) 328-5720
Fax: (410) 328-5685

Research Interests:

Current research involves the management of ESRD patients. Epotein and renal ostrodystophy have been my most recent areas of investigation. Both peritoneal and hemodialysis populations have been utilized in investigative and sponsored research activities.
Renal issues in CHF patients are an area of ongoing investigation, and a study of the effectiveness of isolated ultrafiltration in improving cardiac symptoms and renal function as assessed by gfr measurement is currently ongoing.

Currently management of ESRD patients is the major clinical emphasis. A significant effort is being invested in the P&T-2 course involving stewardship of the course and organization of content and delivery.


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Book Chapters
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