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Steven J. Feigenberg
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Steven J. Feigenberg M.D.

Academic Title: Professor
Primary Appointment: Radiation Oncology
Administrative Title: Director For Clinical Research
Additional Title(s): Director of Stereotactic Body Radiotherapy Program / Director of Emerging Technologies, Dept. of Radiation Oncology
Location: UMMC, GGK19
Phone: (410) 328-2328
Fax: (410) 328-6911

Personal History:

Dr. Feigenberg is currently a Professor in the Department of Radiation Oncology at the University of Maryland School of Medicine. He received his B.S. in Chemical Engineering from Drexel University in 1991. He received his medical degree from Hahnemann University School of Medicine in 1997. He completed an internship in Internal Medicine at Temple University Hospital in Philadelphia and residency in Radiation Oncology at the University of Florida in Gainesville, where he developed his research interest in breast cancer and stereotactic radiotherapy and radiosurgery. Since completing his training in 2002, he worked at Fox Chase Cancer Center in Philadelphia where his clinical and research interests focused on lung cancer, head & neck cancer with a special interest in stereotactic radiotherapy. Soon after his arrival at Fox Chase Cancer, he started and developed their Stereotactic Radiosurgery and Stereotactic Body Radiotherapy Program.

In 2009, he was recruited by University of Maryland’s Department of Radiation Oncology as the Director of Clinical Research and Director of Stereotactic Body Radiotherapy Program with one his main goals to lead the clinical implementation of the 1st breast specific radiotherapy device, the GammaPod™.

Research Interests:

Dr. Feigenberg’s current interest continues to be centered around stereotactic radiotherapy and developing non-invasive methods to predict treatment responses. This is of utmost importance now that we are comparing this approach to surgery. Trying to develop early surrogates of treatment response are imperative to allow early surgical salvage if/when necessary. We are also investigating the mechanism of this novel technique which appears to be related to stimulating the immune system causing one’s body to fight tumor cells.


Selected Recent Publications

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