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Wengen  Chen

Wengen Chen M.D., Ph.D.

Academic Title: Assistant Professor
Primary Appointment: Diagnostic Radiology and Nuclear Medicine
Location: UMMC, Gudelski, C252
Phone: (410) 328-6895

Personal History:

  • MD: Medical Center of Fudan University, China
  • Ph.D: Molecular and Cell Biology, University of Tokyo, Japan
  • PostDoc.: Molecular Medicine, Columbia University, NY 
  • Residency: Internal Medicine/St. Peter's University Hospital, NJ; Nuclear Medicine/Hospital of the University of Pennsylvania, PA 
  • Fellowship: Hospital of the University of Pennsylvania, PA

More than a decade of research experiences in molecular and cellular biology of lipid metabolism and atherosclerosis, and 8 years of experience in nuclear medicine, particularly PET/CT imaging both in clinical and research settings. 50 papers and book chapters in the basic science and imaging of atherosclerosis as well as clinical Nuclear Medicine.

Research Interests:

Molecular PET/CT imaging of atherosclerosis

Clinical Speciality:

Nuclear Medicine

Grants & Contracts:

2007, PI
Glucose metabolism in macrophage foam cells: Molecular mechanism for FDG-PET imaging of atherosclerosis
Pilot research grant
Nuclear Medicine/Molecular Imaging
SNMMI Total Direct Costs: $10,000

2012, PI
18F-Proline PET/CT Imaging for the Detection of Early Liver Fibrosis
UMB/UMCP seed fund
Total Direct Costs: $75,000


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