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Raphael  Simon

Raphael Simon Ph.D.

Academic Title: Assistant Professor
Primary Appointment: Medicine
Location: HSF1, 480
Phone: 410-706-5328

Research Interests:

Dr. Simon is head of the Antigen Purification Facility at the Center for Vaccine Development in the Division of Geographic Medicine. The focus of the work in his lab is on the development of polysaccharide:protein conjugate vaccine strategies for protection against invasive Salmonella bacterial infections. These efforts involve construction of novel glycoconjugates, and assays to determine immunogenicity and vaccine protective efficacy.

Lab Techniques and Equipment:

Protein and polysaccharide purification, conjugation and characterization using a variety of biochemical techniques including SEC, Ion exchange chromatography, and HPLC.


Raphael Simon, Sharon M. Tennant, Jin Y. Wang, Patrick Schmidlein, Andrew Lees, Robert, K. Ernst, Marcela F. Pasetti, James E. Galen and Myron M. Levine (2011) Salmonella Enteritidis Core-O Polysaccharide (COPS) conjugated to H:g,m flagellin as a candidate vaccine for protection against invasive infection with Salmonella Enteritidis. Infection and Immunity; 79(10):4240-9

Sharon M. Tennant, Jin Y. Wang, Raphael Simon, Orit Gat, James E. Galen and Myron M. Levine (2011) Engineering and pre-clinical evaluation of attenuated non-typhoidal Salmonella strains serving as live oral vaccines and as reagent strains. Infection and Immunity; 79(10):4175-85

Raphael Simon, Sharon M. Tennant, James E. Galen and Myron M. Levine (2011) Mouse models to assess the efficacy of non-typhoidal Salmonella vaccines: revisiting the role of host innate susceptibility and routes of challenge. Vaccine; 29(32):5094-5106