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Brian J. Grady

Brian J. Grady M.D., M.S.

Academic Title: Clinical Assistant Professor
Primary Appointment: Psychiatry
Additional Title(s): Director TeleMental Health; VISN5 TeleMental Health Lead
Location: 701 W. Pratt Street, 4th Floor
Phone: (410) 328-0948
Fax: (410) 328-3806

Personal History:

Brian Grady, MD, MS is the Director, TeleMental Health at the University of Maryland, School of Medicine. He received his bachelor's degree from the U.S. Naval Academy in 1982 and returned to the Marine Corps serving in transportation and logistics. He obtained a Masters of Science degree studying organic chemistry at Syracuse University in 1988. He returned to the U.S. Naval Academy as a Chemistry Instructor from 1988-1990. He then pursued a Doctor of Medicine degree at the Uniformed Services University School of Medicine in Bethesda, Md. and graduated in 1994. Following an internship at the National Naval Medical Center he completed his psychiatry residency training in the National Capital Consortium Military Psychiatry Residency program in 1998.

Dr Grady established the primary behavioral healthcare division/service line at the National Naval Medical Center from 1998-2001 with emphasis on rural mental health care delivery via circuit riding and telemental health care. During this time he delivered over 2000 TMH visits to four states, Iceland and three aircraft carriers at sea. While deployed with Operation Enduring Freedom he established a mental health care system for detained populations and facility staff. While assigned as Department Head, Mental Health Clinic, Naval Ambulatory Care Center, Newport, RI he also established TMH clinics in Maine and New Hampshire.

Upon military retirement Dr. Grady joined the staff at Sheppard Pratt Health System and developed a TMH network to Maryland's eastern shore and a telemental health disaster network at several of Maryland's rural and suburban general hospitals. In July 2007 he joined the Department of Psychiatry, Division of Child Psychiatry, University of Maryland, School of Medicine serving as the Director, TMH. He is the TMH consultant to the Maryland Mental Hygiene Administration and collaborates on projects to implement telemental health to rural areas, schools and health professions shortage areas of the State. He is also in charge of implementing TMH in the Veterans Integrated Services Network 5, which includes Maryland, the District of Columbia and portions of West Virginia.

Research Interests:

Dr. Grady has extensive experience in telemental healthcare. He is interested in all areas of telemental health including provider/patient communication, health care delivery/access, taking advantage of TMH nuances in mental healthcare treatment, and information technology. Dr Grady would like to leverage TMH access and communication nuances with his clinical interest in womenâ?Ts mental health issues to provide traditional and unique mental health diagnostic and treatment modalities to women.

Clinical Speciality:

Dr Grady has spent the majority of his clinical time focusing on women's mental health issues from adolescence through adulthood. Areas of emphasis include emotional/physical/sexual trauma/abuse, bulimia, anorexia, pregnancy, body dysmorphic disorder, self mutilation, and anxiety disorders. He has several years experience providing individual and group psychotherapy for teen and adult women. He believes in empowering clients/patients through mental health education and treatment choice.


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