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Robert R. Conley M.D.

Academic Title: Adjunct Professor
Primary Appointment: Psychiatry
Location: 701 W. Pratt St., 388 (MPRC)
Phone: (410) 402-6860

Personal History:

Professional History

  • Extramural Fellow, NIMH/Univ of Pittsburgh 1987-88
  • Chief Resident, University of Pittsburgh, Psychiatry, 1986
  • Residency, University of Pittsburgh, Psychiatry, 1985
  • M.D., University of Maryland at Baltimore, 1981
  • B.A., Johns Hopkins University, Natural Science, History of Science, 1977

Research Interests:

My work is focused on comparing the clinical effects of newer antipsychotics in people with schizophrenia, including those who are refractory to therapy using trials with a similar strategy to the one that defined clozapine as a differentially effective antipsychotic. Our group performs large clinical trials, outcome studies and human post-mortem studies. Our group provides the clinical characterization of the subjects in the Maryland Brain Collection. We have a primary interest in the binding patterns of antipsychotic medication in the human brain and antipsychotic-induced changes in the ultrastructure of the human synapse. We also actively work in the area of research ethics, particularly in the area of evaluation of ability to consent to research trials.

My past work has included double-blind evaluations of remoxipride and olanzapine, multiple studies with clozapine and, most recently completed, a double-blind evaluation of quetiapine, risperidone or fluphenazine. We have also begun to do extensive work in adjunct pharmacotherapy for schizophrenia. Our group now is conducting five trials employing adjunct pharmacotherapy in partially responsive people with schizophrenia: glycine or cycloserine for negative symptoms, risperidone in partial clozapine responders, preclamol in partial clozapine responders, galantamine in people with schizophrenia and persistent cognitive deficits and atomoxetine in people with schizophrenia and persistent cognitive deficits.

I am the Chairman of the Institutional Review Board for the National Institute of Drug Abuse; member of the Executive Committee for University of Maryland, Baltimore Institutional Review Board; Director of Research, Unit 364, Perry Point Veterans Affairs Medical Center, Perryville, Maryland; and Member, Human Research Policy & Oversight Committee, University of Maryland, Baltimore.


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