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John Herron M.S.W.

Academic Title: Clinical Assistant Professor
Primary Appointment: Psychiatry
Location: IPHB
Phone: (410) 740-9173

Personal History:

1977-1985: Faculty Research Associate/Social Worker
1978-1985: Field Work Instructor, UMB School of Social Work
1987-96, 2000: Adjunct Assistant Clinical Professor
1985-Present: Assistant Clinical/Research Professor (Voluntary) University of Maryland School of Medicine, Dept of Psychiatry, Maryland Psychiatric Research Center (MPRC)
1979-1985: Director of Patient Recruitment at the MPRC Outpatient Program and Primary clinician
1985-1996: Founder and Director of Harbor City Unlimited (HCU) Community Rehabilitation, Residential and Vocational Program for Individuals with psychiatric disabilities
1987-Present: CEO, Harbor City Services, Inc. 501(C) 3 – A social enterprise/Employment for Individuals with Psychiatric Disabilities and/or Addictions.
1989: Founder "Mocktails", a Non-Alcoholic Nite Club for Individuals with Mental Illness (US Dept of Education, RSA Grant-Special Recreation Services for the Disabled)
1993-1996: Chair, Task Force on Cognitive Remediation, HCU
1995-1999: Staff, Research Integration Committee, Division of Community Psychiatry, Department of Psychiatry, UMB
1995-1999: Member, Behavioral Health Managed Care Committee, Department of Psychiatry, UMB
1996-1999: Regional Director of the Division of Community Psychiatry, UMMS
1996-1999: Director, Southwestern CMHC (Behavioral Health and Research System), Baltimore County


• Co-Investigator NIMH Dual Diagnosis (Substance Abuse and Mental Illness) and Rehabilitation of the Chronically Mentally Ill, 1987-1990; $375,000
• Principal Investigator "A Social Club for the Psychiatrically Disabled", 1989-1993, Department of Education Rehabilitation Services Administration, $225,000
• Principal Investigator, Social Security Administration, "Using Presumptive Determination with Homeless Mentally Ill", 01/93-01/94; $193,000.
• Co-Investigator, Social Security Administration, "Outreach for SSI to the Mentally Ill in Baltimore City", 1994-1997. $900,000.
• Co-Investigator Social Security Administration and the Department of Agriculture, Outreach for SSI and Food Stamps, 10/01/94 - 06/30/96, $169,000.
• Co-Investigator, CMHSR Vocational Rehabilitation for Psychiatric Disability, 06/01/95 - 05/31/00, 2.5 million.
• Co-Investigator, NIMH Services Research supplement, "Deficit Symptoms in Schizophrenia and Prediction of Service Use", 09/01/95 - 08/30/97, $191,356; HIV prevalence supplement, $89,000
• Grant manager, NIMH Services Research supplement, Sexually-transmitted diseases among the mentally ill and homeless populations” 1997-99, $275,000
• Author, Dept Health and Mental Hygiene Capital Grant for construction of an OMHC in Catonsville, MD, 1999, $1M.



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Herron, JD "Crisis Intervention in Residential Services", Deckelneck, L., Training Manual in Psychiatric Rehabilitation MAPSS 1990, Baltimore, MD.

Book Reviews

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Newspaper Articles
Herron, JD, "Disabled Poor Often Denied Benefits”, The Evening Sun, Baltimore, MD, May 24, 1982.

Herron, JD, "New Welfare Rules Harass the Mentally Ill”, The Evening Sun, Baltimore, MD, March 1, 1983.

Herron, JD and Bailey, CZ, “The Line Blurs between Nonprofit and Forprofit Businesses” Columbia Business Monthly August 2000

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