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Department of Obstetrics, Gynecology and Reproductive Sciences

Primary Faculty

Aberdeen, Graham W , Ph.D., Assistant Professor
Albrecht, Eugene D , Ph.D., Professor
Alger, Lindsay , M.D., Professor
Atkins, Kristin L , M.D., Assistant Professor
Atlas, Robert O , M.D., Assistant Professor
Blanchard, May H , M.D., Associate Professor
Brown, Penny L , M.D., Clinical Assistant Professor
Cetinkaya Demir, Bilge , M.D., Visiting Instructor
Chaffin, Charles L , Ph.D., Associate Professor
Chakravorty, Devi , M.D., Assistant Professor
Chawla, Kiranpreet K , M.D., Assistant Professor
Contag, Stephen A , M.D., Assistant Professor
Dick-Biascoechea, Madeline A , M.D., Clinical Assistant Professor
Donegan, Samuel P , M.D., M.S.H.S.A., Associate Professor
Doyle, Lauren E , M.G.C., Instructor
Enzmann, Christina C , M.D., Instructor
Esin, Sertac , M.D., Visiting Instructor
Fahey, Jenifer O , M.S.N., M.P.H., Assistant Professor
Gabbay Benziv, Rinat , M.D., Visiting Instructor
Harman, Christopher , M.D., Professor
Higgs, Amanda S , M.G.C., Instructor
Hoffman, Hayley , M.S.N., Instructor
Hypolite, Nephthalie , C.N.M., M.S.N., Instructor
Jagoe, Jennifer M , M.D., Assistant Professor
Johnson, Harry W Jr., M.D., Associate Professor
Kaye, Jennifer , M.S.N., Instructor
Kitessa, Doee , M.D., Visiting Instructor
Kopelman, Jerome N , M.D., Associate Professor
Kriebs, Jan M , M.S., Assistant Professor
Kush, Michelle L , M.D., Assistant Professor
Lee, Dana M , M.D., Instructor
Mark, Katrina S , M.D., Instructor
Morozov, Vadim M , M.D., Assistant Professor
Plamondon, Jenna A , M.Sc., Instructor
Raji, Rhoda A , M.D., Clinical Assistant Professor
Rao, Gautam G , M.D., Assistant Professor
Reece, E. Albert , M.D., Ph.D., M.B.A., Professor
Roque, Dana M , M.D., Assistant Professor
Sanses, Tatiana V , M.D., Assistant Professor
Schwartz, David B , M.B.,B.Ch., Clinical Professor
Swietlikowski, Jamie E , M.S., Instructor
Thompson, Loren P , Ph.D., Associate Professor
Turan, Mehmet Ozhan , M.D., Associate Professor
Turan, Shifa , M.D., Assistant Professor
Yang, Peixin , Ph.D., Associate Professor
Zhao, Yang , M.D., Visiting Instructor
Zhao, Zhiyong , Ph.D., Assistant Professor