2014 Bring Your Child To Work Day

On Thursday, April 24, 2014, The Department of Anesthesiology hosted our first Bring Your Child To Work Day.  An invitation was extended to the children of our department’s faculty and staff.  Seventeen students, ranging in age from 10 to 17 years old, registered and participated.   

Bring Your Child To Work Day Itinerary:  

• Ms. Marisol DeLeon and Ms. Sherrie Lane led a tour and demonstration of the hospital’s Central Pharmacy, specifically the pharmacy’s robotics and TUGs.

• Dr. Anne Savarese presented on “What is Pediatric Anesthesiology?”

• Ms. Melanie Matthews and Mr. Bob Sharp led a presentation on the hospital’s Emergency Services, provided a hands-on tour of two of the hospital’s ambulances.

• Dr. Ken Koerner gave a view only tour of the hospital’s Hyperbaric Chamber, as well as a demonstration on intubation.  All interested students were invited to try the intubation process.

• Dr. Gary Fiskum, Julie Proctor, and Joshua Vaughan presented on medical research and its benefits.

• Chief Resident, Dr. Jessica Hobbs, led a “show and tell” session on Anesthesiology, and fielded questions about becoming an Anesthesiologist.

• Sheree Carter-Chase, RN, led an Interactive Tour of the MASTRI Center.


Photo Gallery

Central Pharmacy Tour, escorted by Marisol DeLeon, Operations Manager 
Students observe robot, Rosie, named after the fictional
humanoid robot character in The Jetsons
 Waiting for the elevators, headed to the next presentation. 
Dr. Anne Savarese presents “What is Pediatric Anesthesiology?” 
Single file to ExpressCare for the emergency services
presentation and ambulance tour.
Well behaved and ready to learn 
(From L to R):  Shoshana Samet, Julie Utz, Madison Purcell,
Bob Sharp, Eli Samet observing Madison’s oxygen reading.
(From L to R):  Daniel Samet and Brandon Koerner exit
the ambulance
Dr. Ken Koerner provides a sneak peek of a hyperbaric chamber 

(From the bottom, L to R): Shoshana Samet, Daniel Samet, EliSamet, Taylor Ford, Michelle West, Danielle Koerner, Madison Purcell, Jacob Noorani, Darius Williams, Brandon Koerner, Gustav Udekwu, Ugochi Ihenatu, Ethan Koerner,  Rachel Noorani, Ikenna Ihenatu, Jacob Koerner, Reece Earle 

Having lunch with parents in the Helrich Conference Room 
Dr. Robert Noorani and daughter Rachel 
Dr. Ron Samet and children Eli, Daniel, and Shoshana 
Christina Williams and nephew, Darius 
Elease Duren and daughter, Taylor 
Pamela Earle-Jackson and son, Reece. 
Students observe intently, as Dr. Ken Koerner demonstrates intubation. 
Michelle West practices assisted breathing 
Dr. Kenneth Koerner assists Rachel Noorani  
Packed in the elevator  
Dr. Gary Fiskum talks to the students about medical research 
Students observe a lab technician at work 
Chief Resident, Dr. Jessica Hobbs, discusses how students can become anesthesiologists 
Tug, Edgar makes his way down the hallway to deliver medications 
 All smiles after an entertaining show from EDGAR  
Sheree Carter-Chase, RN, introduces the group to The MASTRI Center’s simulated operating room  
Feeling the mannequin’s chest rise and fall - a true hands-on experience 
MASTRI Center - Laparoscopy Training 
Learning CPR techniques 
Dr. Ken Koerner with his children Jacob, Brandon, Danielle, and Ethen 
Dr. Obi Udekwu with son, Gustav 
Dr. Chinwe Ihenatu and children Ugochi and Ikenna  
Department administrative staff and chaperones, Vickie Leshinskie and Brittany Sohn