2013 Holiday Reception

This years Holiday Reception was held in the Southern Management Corporation Campus Center, 621 W Lombard Street 2nd Floor, Ballroom A


(L to R) Christina Williams, Lauren Lamon, Dave Jones,
Karin Wallace, Wanda Belton, Chris Clyde 
 LaToya Stubbs and Debbie McFadden

Pamela Earle-Jackson and brother Shawn Earle
 (L to R) Jake Shearer, Kim Flayhart, Shelly Kizina, Hong Lu, Josie Tchuenbou, Josh Saunders
Tianfei Luo, Ph.D.  and Xin Sun, Ph.D.
 Brad Smith and Peter Rock, M.D.
 (L to R) Vikram Bansal, M.D., Chase Smith, M.D., Michelle Kim, M.D., Sundaram Chettiar, M.D., Jesse Kiefer, M.D., Roshan Patel, M.D.