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To meet the need for high-quality data capture and management in modern research, CTRIC offers a variety of tools to the UMB research community.

Common Tools

Our staff is trained to help researchers utilize the most current technological advantages. Many generic resources can be customized to meet the needs of your study.

Cardiff TeleForm®

TeleForm automates the collection, evaluation, and validation of data collected by scan-able forms.  

With the help of Cardiff TeleForm designing software, CTRIC offers our researchers custom designed forms. Data collected on these forms can be scanned into the TeleForm system to be read by its character recognition software. TeleForm increases efficiency and accuracy in the data entry process. Data can be exported to datasets in many different formats (SAS, SPSS, Excel, Access, and more).

Ready to create a form?

Save time by coming to us with a draft of how you would like the form to look. We will ask you to complete a Data Dictionary to give us information about the variables you will be collecting on your form.

Remark Web Survey®

Collect data from anyone, anywhere on the web using Remark Web Survey. Send out email invitations to subjects with a link to your custom designed web survey. Data can be exported to datasets in many different formats (SAS, SPSS, Excel, Access, and more).


REDCap is a secure, web-based application for building and managing online surveys and databases.  

Now researchers can access all the details of a study from anywhere using REDCap. Log in to the secure site and enter data, manage subjects, update protocol details, manage users, export a dataset, verify data entry, and more. Our staff can help researchers set up rules to automate data verification. Give any member of the study team access to the study site with varying levels of permission and user status.

Custom Tools

Occasionally, our common tools may not meet the needs of a complex and unique situation. We can help find a solution to any informatic problem that may arise throughout your research. Listed below are examples of current custom-made tools.


Register patients in clinical trials for billing purposes. 

The Center for Clinical Trials (CTC) at the University of Maryland School of Medicine, requires that patients being enrolled research studies be registered for billing purposes. The CTC asked staff at CTRIC to create WebRPR (Web Research Participant Registration) to allow researchers to easily register their patients from anywhere with an internet connection. The database created by WebRPR allows the CTC to identify healthcare services that are part of clinical trial when billing insurers. Services that are provided that are strictly research related are identified to be billed to the research study, and not the patient or insurance company.