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Research Portfolio

CTRIC Projects

  • Designed data collection forms, captured all data in custom designed database, produced detailed reports and ran variety of data analyses for an ongoing study on child abuse for the Department of Pediatrics 
  • Provided survey methodology expertise for the Maryland Cancer Screening Survey  
  • Data management center for two RCTs 
  • Performed analysis (everything from t-tests to repeated measures to complex regression analysis) and drafted Results section of manuscript for a variety of studies, including a study on Domoic Acid Neurotoxicity in Native Americans for Dr. Grattan in the department of Neurology 
  • Designed an interactive and interventional electronic survey utilizing special software called Snap survey for Dr. Barnett in the department of Family and Community Medicine. This survey is used at several participating satellite sites to collect data directly from participants
  • Coordinate studies run by several principal investigators within the School of Nursing; performed data analysis for Dr. Lipscomb
  • Created and maintain custom designed software for the Department of Finance at the University of Maryland Medical System (UMMS) to allow principal investigators and research coordinators to securely submit and update enrollment information to both UMMS and University Physicians, Inc (UPI) with online efficiency and accuracy
  • Provided standardized forms, data dictionaries, triggers and views for over twenty-seven studies administered by the Mental Illness Research, Education and Clinical Centers (MIRECC), a partnership between the Veterans Administration and the Department of Psychiatry at UMSOM
  • Designed over twenty forms for the Cooperative International Neuromuscular Group (CINRG), an international longitudinal study of Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy centered at the National Children’s Medical Center with twenty-three satellite sites around the world.
  • Designed and manage custom database for a group of researchers within the UMSOM Department of Endocrinology 

Sample Publications

  1. Gannon, CJ, Napolitano, LM, Pasquale, M, Tracy , JK, & McCarter, RJ (2002). A statewide population-based study of gender differences in trauma: A validation of a prior single institution study. Journal of the American College of Surgeons,195(1), 11-18.
  2. Osborn, TM, , JK, Dunne, JR, Pasquale, M, Napolitano, LM (2004). Epidemiology of sepsis in patients with traumatic injury. Critical Care Medicine, 32(11), 2234-40.
  3. Tracy, JK, Meyer, Flores, RH, Hochberg, MC (2005). Racial differences in rate of decline in bone mineral density at the total hip: The Baltimore Men’s Osteoporosis Study (MOST). Journal of Bone and Mineral Research, 20(7), 1228-34.
  4. Bochicchio, G V, Joshi, M, Bochicchio, K, Nehman, S, Tracy, JK, & Scalea, TM. (2006) Impact of obesity in the critically ill trauma patient: a prospective study. Journal of the American College of Surgeons, 203(4): 533-538.
  5. Dubowitz, H, Feigelman, S, Lane, W, Prescott, L, Blackman, K, Grube, L.,Meyer, W, & Tracy, JK. (2007). Screening for depression in an urban pediatric primary care clinic. Pediatrics, 119(3):435-43.