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Frequently Asked Questions


What do I do if I am interested in starting a new project with CTRIC?

Contact our program manager, Teresa Yates (410 706 3461). She would be happy to talk to you about your future project and how we might be able to assist you.

What happens when my study ends?

CTRIC has standard procedures for study closures to ensure all your data is fully transferred to your possession. Review our procedures for closing out a study with CTRIC (once the procedures are approved, we will describe the relevant information for customers here).


What information do I need to provide CTRIC in order to have a TeleForm created?

Before requesting the creation of a TeleForm, you should finish all aesthetic edits on a draft version of the paper form. It will be more difficult and costly to make edits once the TeleForm creation process has begun. Along with a draft of the form, CTRIC staff will also need a data dictionary.

How do participants in my study properly complete a TeleForm?

How should I prepare my completed TeleForms before bringing them to CTRIC to be scanned and verified?

It is important to Quality Control (QC) your paper forms before bringing them to CTRIC for scanning and verification. Download this instruction document describing how to QC your forms. According to CTRIC policy, you should complete the form transaction log and attach it as the front page of your batch being submitted.

How do I use TeleForm® Verifier software to verify and commit data?

If you plan to scan and verify your completed TeleForms, you can either request a workstation to be set up at your own office or come to CTRIC and use one of our workstations. You will need a VPN connection on the computer hooked up to the scanner in order to access the TeleForm software.


What is VPN?

VPN stands for virtual private network. In order for your computer to connect to the REDCap software for data entry, you must connect through a VPN. Contact and we will help you set up your account and install the necessary software.


How do I get an account for WebRPR?

Please contact We will need to know if you already have a SOM account and username. If you are unsure, tell us if you ever had an account for BRAAN. If you have a SOM account, please provide us with your username and we will grant you the necessary privledges for you to use WebRPR. If you do not have a SOM account, please provide us with your full name (including middle initial), telephone number, email address, department, building, room or floor, eUMB Employee classification (faculty, staff, or student). We will have an account created for you and grant the appropriate privledges in order for you to access WebRPR.

What is the website for WebRPR? 

Why can't I log in to WebRPR?

Remember to type "som\" before your username when you are prompted for your user name.

If it has been a long time since you have accessed WebRPR, you password may have expired. This password is managed by the SOM help desk. Contact them at 6-3998 and they will reset it for you (we here at CTRIC do not have this ability). If you call them, please be sure to say that you need to reset your SOM password. The person who answers the phone may not know what the WebRPR application is, but he/she will definitely be able to help you reset your SOM password. This password will expire every 120 days and need to be reset.