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Training Course in Metagenomics Analysis

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Metagenomic Analysis of Human Microbial Communities

Principal Investigator: Claire Fraser-Liggett, PhD, Director, IGS, UMB 

The explosive growth of data derived from genomics, metagenomics and post-genomic projects has revolutionized biology and medicine. As a result, a solid foundation in computational biology and bioinformatics is now essential for all practitioners of biological and biomedical research.

This course will emphasize both the theory and application of fundamental computer-based approaches to data-mining, integration and interpretation of metagenomic data. Using a hands-on problem-based learning approach, students will acquire familiarity with computational tools useful for analysis of the structure, function, and evolution of microbial communities.

Topics to be covered include an introduction to the development of the field of metagenomics, basic computer commands, sequence alignment, sequence analysis packages, BLAST and related search tools, phylogenetic analysis of microbial communities, and local and public databases. Each module will include a lecture and a computer demonstration/exercise. The course will utilize a fully networked classroom in the BioPark II building with each student at his or her own workstation.