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Recruitments: Research Scholars

(Updated 12/20/04) 

Step 1. Approval of Research Scholars Recruitment Plan (RSRP)

  1. Submit RSRP to Office of Research and Graduate Studies (ORAGS) for Research Affairs Advisory Committee (RAAC) review.

  2. Notified in writing by RAAC of approval or issues that need to be addressed before gaining approval.

Step 2. Approval of FRIS (following RAAC recommendation for approval)

  1. Submit FRIS to Office of Academic Administration (OAA) with clear designation that request is part of the RSRP, including search committee members and 5 year financial plan.

  2. Notified by OAA when FRIS is approved and assigned position number.

Step 3. Approval of Candidate(s)

  1. Conduct recruitment using formal search committee to identify candidate(s).
  2. Identify 3rd party to evaluate each candidate’s seminar (Should not be Search Committee member or Dept Chair, preferably a faculty member outside of the Department who is familiar with the Candidate’s research interests)
  3. Select final candidate(s) and contact ORAGS before second visit.
  4. Submit candidate packet to ORAGS including:

    • Chair’s letter to dean -- similar in style to APT Chair letter with additional comments:
      • Why and how the Department Committee selected individual.
      • How individual meets criteria for scholar.
      • How individual fits into Department/Institution strategy for particular program.
      • What the expectation for success is for individual to achieve target funding.
    • Electronic CV (in SOM format).
    • Any internal letters of recommendation or pertinent notes.
    • Written evaluation of seminar by 3rd party.
  5. Schedule candidate interviews with ORAGS for:

    • RAAC member /designee.
    • Associate Dean for Research & Graduate Studies/designee.
  6. OPTIONAL: Schedule appearance for Chair/designee before RAAC to make oral presentation of selected candidate’s credentials.
  7. Notified by Dean if candidate is approved for Scholar program.

Step 4. Approval of Offer

  1. Arrange for interview with Dean/designee (if applicable).

    • Submit to the OAA candidate's CV and short memo briefing the Dean regarding the context of the meeting and the most significant points you would like to make about the candidate and the position they will be filling. 
    • OAA will attach the original approved FRIS and give the packet to the Dean’s Office.
    • OAA will then inform you when you can contact Phyllis Hayes (Dr. Reece’s assistant) to set-up the interview.
  2. Submit offer packet to OAA (draft offer letter, FAR, CV and salary breakdown sheet).
  3. Notified by OAA when offer packet is approved by Dean.