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  • New Online EEO Data Collection Process (No more yellow cards)!: Effective April 1, 2010, UMB's Human Resource Services has implemented a new online form and sample email template to collect EEO related data for faculty applicants. The automated form replaces the "Yellow" Affirmative Action Request Cards. View more information on the SOM Recruitment Process page

  • Boilerplate Offer Letter Language Has Been Updated:See next item for details.

  • Non-Compete Clause Required in Offer Letter for Certain Clinical Hires: See draft offer letter for specifics on required language.

  • Active UMSOM Faculty Appointment Required Before UMMC Temporary or Provisional Privileges May Be Granted: Therefore, proposed effective dates need to allow enough time for the faculty appointment process to be completed. Also, language has been added to the offer letter indicating to the candidate the necessity of timely submission of required paperwork.

  • Background Investigations Required Prior To Sending Offer Letter: See offer process page.

  • Senior Faculty Candidates Must Meet With Dean Prior to Offer. Candidates being considered for the ranks of Associate Professor or Professor, on the tenure track or with tenure, are required to meet with the Dean for a personal interview prior to release of offer letter. See recruitment process page for details.

  • Advertising and Background Checks are Required for All Regular Faculty Ranks, 50% Fte or More  

  • Advertising and Background Checks are Not Required For: Fellow appointments, Faculty Appointments 49% or less, Volunteer faculty appointments and Visiting Faculty Appointments.

  • AA/EEO Tag Line Required in Position Announcements: Announcements and advertisements MUST contain the following as a tag line: 
    The University of Maryland, Baltimore is an Equal Opportunity, Affirmative Action employer. Minorities, women, individuals with disabilities, and protected veterans are encouraged to apply. 

  • Include Copies of Printed Ads When Submitting Offer Packet: as they appeared in publications, preferably showing name and date of publication when submitting offer packet.

  • Review Campus Policy When Hiring Members of The Same Family: If you are recruiting two faculty members in the same family (e.g., a husband & wife team), please refer to the UMB Policy on Faculty Employment of Members of the Same Family and contact the Office of Academic Administration before submitting the offer packets.

  • Waivers Of The Normal Requirement To Advertise: are granted for limited reasons.