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Recruitments: Offer Process

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Once a final candidate has been selected...

  1. Do NOT make an ORAL or WRITTEN offer until you have obtained Dean’s approval of offer.

  2. Document detailed job qualifications-related reasons for selection and non-selection on the campus Faculty Appointment Report (FAR) in draft form and submit to Office of Academic Administration with offer packet.

  3. If candidate is being considered for the ranks of Associate Professor or Professor, on the tenure track or with tenure, arrange for the candidate to meet with the Dean.  The Dean must meed with these senior level candidates before any offer letter can be released.
  4. Ensure a background check is cleared prior to the release of the offer letter.
  5. Draft the offer letter according to the Draft Offer Boilerplate Letter. (Start date should allow enough time for credentialing and appointment processes to be completed.)

Offer Packet

  1. To obtain Dean’s approval of an offer letter, submit the following documentation to the Office of Academic Administration, as documents attached to an email:

  2. You will be notified once the Dean has approved the offer letter.

  3. Regarding the recruitment of senior-level faculty (Associate Professor, Professor, tenure track or tenured) in your department: At such time when the candidate accepts an offer of appointment in your department, the Dean’s Office needs to know as soon as possible if any members of the candidate’s research team (ie; other faculty, post-docs and/or research staff) will be extended the opportunity to join him/her in relocating to UMB. It is very important that you make this determination and then provide a definitive list of names and job descriptions/categories as follows:

    This will help to ensure that all necessary procedures with regard to Campus HR policies are followed in a timely manner and the transition is handled smoothly.

  4. You may than offer the candidate the position and gather all Appointment paperwork.